Midas DL251 Audio System I/O Box- USED


We have one Midas DL251 Audio System I/O Box available in excellent condition. This unit was used in a church facility and well maintained. Contact us today for additional pictures and information about this unit.


The Midas DL251 is a 5U fixed-configuration I/O unit with 48 mic/line inputs and 16 mic/line outputs. Limited to analogue connections, the DL251 fives you a cost-effective solution if you don’t need the flexibility of Midas modular I/O hardware. You get MIDI in, out and thru – plus one Ethernet control – standard. Three AES50 ports handle the (n+1) redundant digital audio interface. The DL251 can be switched between 96kHz and 48kHz from the front panel. A rear-panel “mute all outputs” button makes for easy on stage re-patching. The unit is also equipped with dual redundant PSUs.

Midas DL251 I/O Unit Features at a Glance:

  • 48 remote control mic/line audio inputs
  • 16 audio line outputs fixed configuration
  • Switchable between 96kHz and 48kHz sample rates
  • Midi out and thru
  • Three AES50 ports
  • Ethernet control port (using Midas protocols)
  • Dual redundant PSUs
  • Digital snake and distribution network component
  • 5U chassis height