AJA FS1 Frame Synchronizer- USED


We currently have 2 of these AJA FS1 Frame Synchs and both are in great physical and working condition. Reminder that we can get you any New AJA gear you need. Contact us today for more details on this piece or any other piece of equipment on our website.



The AJA FS1 is a universal SD/HD audio/video frame synchronizer and converter. This converter offers an “everything in, everything out” architecture. The FS1 can work simultaneously with both HD and SD video for broadcast quality video and 24-bit audio. Featuring BNC connectivity.

Video Conversion

The FS-1 can up or down-convert between SD and HD, and provide simultaneous HD and SD outputs.

Cross Conversions

Cross-conversions between HD formats are also supported, with simultaneous output of both formats.


The FS1 supports 8-channel AES, Balanced analog, or embedded audio offering the same any input to any output conversion.

Closed Captioning

The FS-1 supports closed captioning and the conversion of closed captioning between SD and HD formats.