Wheatstone D-32 Digital Audio Console- USED


The unit was removed from a professional working environment.

The unit was in good working and cosmetic condition when removed from service.

The unit will come with the following items included:

  • (1) Wheatstone D-32 Audio Console
  • (2) Wheatstone PSR Power supplies with Cables
  • (1) Wheatstone Bridge Router
  • (1) Wheatstone Gibraltar Digital Mix Engine
  • (1) Wheatstone FAN1224 untested
  • (1) Audio Break-out Cable


The Wheatstone D-32 Digital Television Audio Control Surface is compact and fully loaded with all the functions and control capability needed by most television broadcast facilities: 5.1 digital surround plus three stereo masters, a host of mix-minus clean feed outputs, indi- vidual channel bus-minus outputs, 7-band digital equalization, digital dynamic processing, and integrated routing that can access literally thousands of sources and feed thousands of destinations. The D-32 gives your operators the added convenience of eight stereo subgroups, sixteen stereo auxiliary busses, four DCM/MUTE groups, and a full event/memory front panel storage and recall system that doesn’t require an external computer to operate. And because it’s a live television console, it has extensive communication capability. If there is a mix, you can talk to it. It even has twelve programmable talkback buttons. Due to the increased pro- cessing capability offered by the new Gibraltar Mix Engine the D-32 can now support up to 128 input channels on paged faders. Thanks to the 1024 processing paths offered by Gibraltar the D-32’s eight sub-groups can now be configured as 5.1 stems with full EQ and Dynamics processing capability. Additionally, processing can now be applied to the 16 mix minus / direct out busses and 16 aux sends available in the D-32.

Designed to integrate flawlessly with the Wheatstone BRIDGE digital audio network router, the D-32 control surface allows you to easily create large or small platform-based systems that are exceptionally user-friendly and flexible. Wheatstone BRIDGE network cages house all I/O ports and engine cards, and may be wired in tandem within a single equipment room or interconnected to separate remote locations by means of fiber-optic or CAT-5 cables to provide single wire studio integration schemes.

Once configured, the system operates entirely independently of external computers. Con- figuration itself is intuitive and carried out onsite by means of user-friendly graphic interfaces provided by Wheatstone desktop software. The D-32 system also takes full advantage of Wheatstone’s exclusive VDip configuration software, so that studio functions (like mutes, fader and timer starts, tally, etc.) are easily accomplished right at your desktop. Once completed, all settings are retained in non-volatile storage, allowing the entire system to run independently. Ethernet protocol is built in, providing interface with automation, scheduling, and hardware controllers as you require.