Haivision SRT Gateway- NEW

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Haivision SRT Gateway System – Unicast and Multicast support. Recommended throughput of up to 100Mbps aggregated output. For standalone stream routing use. Small Form-Factor appliance (desktop/shelf-mountable).



Haivision SRT Gateway is a highly flexible and scalable broadcast solution for secure routing of live video streams across different types of IP networks. By serving as a network bridge and converting between protocols including SRT, SRT Gateway provides broadcasters with cost-effective live video streaming to one or multiple destinations for content production and distribution. SRT Gateway includes Haivision’s Path Redundancy feature ensuring uninterrupted live IP video streaming of premium content.

Haivision SRT Gateway performs live video routing and protocol conversion in real-time to optimize your streams to specific networks without affecting video quality and latency. Designed to facilitate live streaming over complex video workflows including remote contribution, backhaul, return feeds, bi-directional interviews, and content distribution for international syndication and sharing with affiliates, SRT Gateway is available as a dedicated appliance or for deployment in the cloud.

Adapt video streams from one network environment to another in real-time. Whether you are routing live content across a LAN, WAN, MPLS, the public internet, or any combination of network types, the Haivision SRT Gateway ensures secure and reliable streaming with native SRT protocol support for high quality and low latency video.

As an essential component of your end-to-end video workflow, SRT Gateway gives you the flexibility to support different source and destination points over any type of network. Haivision SRT Gateway converts between protocols including SRT, MPEG Transport Stream over UDP (unicast and multicast), RTP, RTMP, RTSP, and HLS (output) protocols.

Distributing live video to multiple destinations, such as broadcast affiliates or syndication rights holders, can only be achieved by meeting the specific streaming requirements of each end-point. Haivision SRT Gateway can replicate an incoming stream for 24/7 broadcast distribution as multiple outgoing streams, each configured to a specific protocol, in unicast or multicast mode, depending on the destination.

IP firewalls block external access to a network and prevent video streams from being delivered from one location to another. A Haivision SRT Gateway can be configured anywhere so that behind the firewall devices can reach streams without breaching network security policies and minimizing the need for IT intervention.