Mark Chapman

Mark has been selling professional video gear since 1997 and started Allied Broadcast Group in 2010. “Many customers and colleagues I work with in the business are more than that – they are my friends”. He’s been married to Brenda for 33 years and enjoys football, fishing, classic cars, and family time.

Chris Chapman

Before working for Allied, Chris worked for several years in broadcast video production and rentals. He spends his free time dancing, but is currently addicted to the Hokey Pokey, and just can’t seem to turn himself around.

Brad Chapman

Brad was the first hired on employee of Allied in 2013. Aside from a 5 year hiatus in San Diego, Brad has lived in the Tulsa area for most of his life. He and his wife, Mattison, love to travel and have been to 11 Countries. They have 2 children, Anders and Farah, a dog Piper (none of which know how to use a toilet yet), and a siamese cat his kids named Real Cat, because she’s not a pretend cat.

Dennis Hopkins

Dennis joined ABG 4 years ago and has not looked back. He has over 30 years experience selling and servicing the professional and broadcast video industries. 100% Customer satisfaction is his ultimate goal. In his spare time he loves playing jazz on the trumpet. Music has always has been a major influence on his life.

Kevin Barton

Kevin was born in Alaska but hates the cold weather. He served in the Marine Corps, and now brings over 15 years of sales and leadership experience to our team at Allied. He has two boys, Kaiden and Kaiser, and likes to spend his free time chasing them through the store while they escape shopping cart prison. Kevin also likes to party.

Erin Gutierrez

Erin joined the Allied Broadcast Group in 2017. She is a master of chaos-management with nearly 16 years of experience. This is a skill that she employs both on the clock and at home with her husband and three kids.

Ashton Terhune

Born and raised in Mounds, Ashton is a true Okie native. She lived as a Gorilla for four years at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg KS. Ashton is also 4’11 and has no hope of getting any taller.

Aaron Gorman

A-A-ron recently started with ABG as our RED Digital Cinema Sales and Marketing Representative. He has three beautiful doggos; Priya, Leela, and Rukus who take up all his free time. Cinnamon swirl pancakes and a peach bellini is Aaron’s favorite meal to decompress.

Shaun Byers

Shaun is the epitome of a family man. He enjoys hanging out and doing all kinds of things with his beautiful wife and three awesome kids. With 13 years of sales and customer service experience, Shaun is excited to join the ABG team and provide the best sales and service experience for the customer.