Have unwanted gear you’d like to sell? We can help you turn it to cash!

There are 3 ways Allied Broadcast Group can help you with your used video and audio equipment:

  1. Buy or Purchase your gear outright
  2. List your gear for sale and let us advertise and broker for you
  3. Consign your product with our office

Let a professional help you sell your equipment and take the hassle out of the process. Whether it’s one item or many items, our marketing and advertising will gain you exposure to thousands of industry professionals. Our systems and procedures will also provide extra service and protection for all parties. If you have specific questions or circumstances, please call our office 918-250-5353 or email us, sales@alliedbroadcastgroup.com.

List your equipment to sell using this form:

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NOTE: There is no charge for listing your equipment for sale. Allied Broadcast reserves the right to accept or reject a listing, and the right to establish the advertised price.