Nipros LVM-43W 4.3″ Composite Input Monitor- USED



3 inputs, through-out output possible

Two BNC composite inputs and one IF input are possible. The selected signal can be output through one system.


Light weight and compact design

Professional monitor essential for on-site coverage and multi-camera recording. Compact and light weight, compact body. We realized about 300 grams.


Compatible DC inputs(XLR4 PIN))

It can be operated with power supply voltage from DC9V to 17V. Compatible with various battery voltages such as 14.4V lithium ion battery pack and 12V NiCd battery pack.


Equipped with peaking function

Equipped with a peaking function. Can be used as a simple viewfinder by emphasizing the edges. Peaking level can be adjusted in the menu, and peaking can be turned ON / OFF with the front button.


Equipped with BLUE ONLY function


Equipped with the BLUE ONLY function, which is indispensable for adjusting the monitor HUE / CONTRAST. Also equipped with RED ONLY / GREEN ONLY function.


Color / monochrome can be switched with a single touch using the switch on the front panel.。


Colorful menu

In addition, there are color correction function, peaking level function, contrast adjustment function, and brightness adjustment function.


Tally display function


Tally display is possible by connecting to DS series VSE-500 and other devices such as an optical conversion system. You can select from two systems: BNC input and IF connector.


Equipped with a tripod mounting hole

There is a 1/4 inch camera tripod screw hole on the bottom of LVM-43W. It can be fixed to the camera using the included mounting bracket UH-25 or to various devices in combination with various stays.


Frame guide function

In order to support 16: 9/4: 3 recording, you can shoot while displaying guide frames to support content creation.