Zeiss DigiPrime 40 Cine Lens B4 Mount- USED


You would not be able to tell this is a used cine lens by looking at it- it’s in that great of shape! We only have 1 Zeiss cine lens available and it’s in excellent working condition. This Zeiss lens has a B4 mount and comes with two lens caps. Contact us today for additional information on this Zeiss cine lens!

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The Zeiss DigiPrime 40mm T1.6 Cine Lens carries forward the long, productive relationship between Zeiss and professional filmmakers. Built to the company’s most exacting standards, this 40mm prime lens is designed specifically for 3-chip 2/3″ digital cinema cameras to provide the sharpest low-light imagery possible. Super fast at T1.6, this small, rugged lens has the advantage of maintaining sharpness when wide open–which means no compromises, even in low light.

Just as important to a professional production are control and precision, and the DigiPrime lens provides both, with its highly accurate and easy-to-read focus scales, precise back focus, and internal focus design. Able to hold the most critical focus, the lens exhibits virtually zero shifting and breathing, keeping image size the same throughout the focus range.

In order to maintain uniform color characteristics from lens to lens, each DigiPrime is super color matched to every other Zeiss cine lens. At the same time, the 40mm lens uses the same diameter and balance as nearly all the DigiPrimes, so changing lenses won’t mean also changing or repositioning matteboxes and other rod-mounted accessories. Optimized for low-light shooting, this lens’ solid, lightweight construction makes it ideal for handheld shooting.

  • Absolutely precise back focus
  • Calibrated and easy-to-read markings
  • Perfect flare reduction
  • No breathing
  • Fixed iris and focus gears
  • Innovative nine blade iris
  • Super color matched with all Zeiss cine lenses