Canon XJ27x6.5B IE Studio Lens with Full-Servo Controls


Canon XJ23x7 SUPER DIGI Studio Box Lens with Full Servo Controls

  • ZDJ-D01
  • FDJ-D22
  • Two SMJ-E01 servos
  • ULM-2

Perfect optically and mechanically, lens is almost like new.


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The DIGI SUPER 27  is a new cost-effective member of the HDTV studio lens family offered by Canon.

The Canon 6.5-180mm DIGISUPER 27 HD Studio Lens delivers good performance and is suitable for HD studio production applications. This lens offers a wide field of view of 3.1 to 72.9°, a focal length (zoom ratio) of 6.5-180mm, and features multi-layer optical coatings that dramatically reduce ghosting and flaring.

Servo-zoom speed of 0.5 sec
Optional BWA-271 0.9x wide attachment enables users to begin with a wide shot and go telephoto without compromising light transmission and alters the range of the zoom on wide settings by 10% towards the wide side, generating a new zoom range of 5.8 to 162mm
Optional remote-controllable macro-focus feature allows the camera operator to perform macro focusing from the pan bar (a helpful tool for focusing on jewelry and other small objects)