Canon HJ14x4.3B IASE, ENG Lens- USED

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This lens is in excellent physical and working condition. We have limited stock of these lenses available and do have the option to include controls. You can view that listing by clicking HERE. Contact us today if you are interested in this lens!


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The Canon HJ14ex4.3B is a wide angle 14x 2/3″ lens built to offer high performance in HDTV news gathering. This lightweight lens features a maximum relative aperture of f/1.8, reduced chromatic and monochromatic aberrations, tight control of geometric distortion at wide angles, and improved uniform brightness across the image plane.

Lens functions include a shuttle-shot feature for quick focus checks, an integrated 2x extender, and an adjustable zoom speed range. The focal length range is 4.3 to 60mm, with a minimum object distance of one foot.


Wide Angle, Fast ENG Lens
With a very wide 4.3mm focal length, the HJ14ex4.3B offers a 96.3° angle of view in 16:9 and has a fast f/1.8 relative maximum aperture


Improved Image Quality
Reduced aberrations and distortions, improved contrast, and reduced breathing help to produce clear, sharp HD images


Digital Technologies
Each of the FIZ servo systems (focus, iris, zoom) features precision control and aids in reducing lateral chromatic aberration; a Dynamic Zoom Speed Range can be adjusted from 0.5 seconds to 5 minutes (wide to telephoto)


Shuttle Shot
A shuttle-shot function enables you to quickly move to a pre-programmed point at the touch of a button, providing a no-hassle way of checking focus
Integrated 2x Extender
A built-in 2x extender provides instant close-up images without using the zoom function