Canon XJ75x9.3B IE Box Lens with Controls, Sled, and Case- USED

Call for Price

We have two of these Canon XJ75 box lens available right now and both of them are in excellent working condition. These 75x lenses will not last long! We have one available in beige and the other one is grey, you can view that listing by clicking HERE. These lenses will not last long so call or email us today to hold one for yourself!

Box Lens Includes:

  • ULM-2 Sled
  • SMJ-D02 Servo module
  • FMJ-702 module
  • ZDJ-D01 Zoom demand
  • FFP-T61 Focus demand
  • Flex Cable
  • Shipping Case
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The Canon XJ75X9.3B  is a “Compact HD Studio lens” specifically designed to be used with a portable camera.

Shuttle Shot
  • Allows the operator to zoom back and forth instantly between any 2 positions at the maximum speed or at any desired speed memorized in the speed preset function in either direction
  • Can be used to either zoom to the tele-side or widen the focal length from any starting point to check the picture, and then return instantly to the original focal length.
  • Allows you to shuttle between any 2 zoom positions as per your requirement
Frame Preset
  • Movement to a preset position can again be repeated multiple times
  • Preset memory is not automatically cleared and the agreed-on framings from rehearsal can be duplicated over and over in an actual production at the maximum speed or at any desired speed memorized in the speed preset function
Speed Preset
  • A zoom speed agreed on during rehearsal can be reproduced accurately
  • Preset memory is not automatically cleared and can be repeated as many times as needed
Zoom Track
  • Zoom control range can be restricted (both the tele and wide ends are within a limited area)
  • With the ZDJ-D02 system (sold separately) the range can be virtually set at any position used in a production
  • If desired, this function can be used to memorize an additional preset zoom position to be used during a production
Zoom Servo Characteristics Selection
  • Zoom Servo Characteristics can be selected from several groups of provided curvatures by setting the mode from the operation panel of the ZDJ-D02 system (sold separately)
  • Within each group, one of 3 specific curvatures can be easily chosen by a toggle switch located near the zoom handle
CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)
  • A 32-bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when you focus on an object to eliminate the zooming effect, so the picture size does not change because of focusing
  • Has zero zooming effect of focus
PC Connection
  • By using the digital communication interface on the lens and the optional software (sold separately), a personal computer system can be connected to the lens and used for lens condition
CPU Upgrade
  • When new additional features are available through the updated software, the lens can be updated to the latest version by simply overwriting the software in the 32-bit CPU