Canon/Sony Studio Buildup Kit with Controls and Case – USED


Dominate focus and elevate your productions with our exclusive Focus Kit, featuring the battle-tested Canon MS-210D Semi-Servo Kit paired with the high-resolution HDVF-C730W viewfinder. This unbeatable combination empowers you to capture stunning visuals with unparalleled precision and control.

  • Canon MS-210D
  • Sony HDVF-C730W in case
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Unleash Precision: The Allied Broadcast Studio Buildup Kit with Canon MS-210D & HDVF-C730W

Effortless Focus Finesse:

  • The Canon MS-210D seamlessly integrates with your Canon digital ENG/EFP lenses, providing smooth manual or servo-assisted zoom for flawless focus pulls in any situation.

Crystal-Clear Confidence with the HDVF-C730W:

  • This 6.3-inch viewfinder boasts over 500 lines of horizontal resolution, delivering impeccable image quality for critical focus and framing, even in challenging lighting conditions. Step-variable peaking further enhances focusing accuracy, especially when working in shallow depth-of-field scenarios.

Built for Efficiency and Endurance:

  • This pre-configured package eliminates guesswork and streamlines your workflow. The HDVF-C730W offers seamless plug-and-play compatibility with various Sony camera systems, like HDC-1500, HDC-1550, and HDC-3300, for immediate operation.
  • The HDVF-C730W’s lightweight design ensures comfortable use during long shoots, while its superior tilting (90° up/down) and panning (90° left/right) capabilities guarantee optimal viewing angles in any environment. Drip-proof construction provides added peace of mind during outdoor productions.

Invest in Your Vision. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to unlock the power of the Focus Kit with Canon MS-210D & HDVF-C730W and take your productions to the next level.