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Set up a compact broadcast streaming studio with high-resolution video streaming and recording using the high-quality, low-latency NDI and NDI|HX network video formats with the CaptureCast NDI from NewTek. The CaptureCast features a 10G LAN connection that routes up to six NDI|HX or eight NDI video streams with up to 1080p60 resolution to multiple sites such as Vimeo, YouTube, Kaltura, and more. It is suited for use in education, government, training, and corporate environments with LMS or CMS platforms that require live remote streaming to multiple destinations.

The CaptureCast NDI is easy to set up and allows you to control and configure it via an intuitive web-based interface. Additional features include smart network workflows, recording metadata, scheduling and automation, and real-time monitoring. You can also record your broadcast using the internal 2TB drive or by utilizing NDI-based recording applications.

Record and Stream
Camera, screen, or document: CaptureCast simultaneously records and streams multiple sources in any room, moving automatically between different setups for each session at the touch of a button.
Enrich and Automate
Built to record a single session or set to a semester-long timetable, CaptureCast just works. Each recording is enriched with metadata so learners can immediately access content and search using keywords, jumping straight to the content they want, when they want it.
Share and Engage
CaptureCast publishes to live platforms simultaneously, putting all-important content in the hands of learners everywhere. Tight integration with market-leading, third-party platforms means CaptureCast has you covered, every step of the way.
Technology that Gives More Time for Content
CaptureCast almost ‘self-drives’, building smart workflows for you, which, when combined with a powerful and flexible scheduling tool, automates the lecture or presentation capture, freeing the storyteller, presenter, or educator to focus 100% on the content.
Powered by NDI
Thanks to having NDI (the most popular IP-Video technology) baked in, CaptureCast can wirelessly connect with smartphones and tablets, turning them into camera systems in addition to PTZs and other capture devices or media sources. Need a document camera or a close up of an item for a demonstration? NDI puts the power to use multiple sources into your pocket.
Advanced Features Delivering Exceptional Experiences
Packed with ground-breaking technology, CaptureCast is a multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming solution that has been designed to bring the awesome communication power of video to remote, hybrid and on demand scenarios across a multitude of education, training, corporate, and government experiences.