Ross Video Ultripower Rackmount and Power Supply for Ultrix/Carbonite Ultra- NEW


Product Code- CUF-RACKPWR

Includes 1 ULTRIPOWER 1RU Modular Rack plus PSU
Includes 1 ULTRIPOWER-PS (extra PSU) for Redundancy
Includes 4 Interlink PSU Cables 72 Inches in Length

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The Ross Ultripower is a 1RU rackmount power supply designed for the Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra processing platforms.

Ultripower has two primary applications:
The first is as a rackmountable power supply for Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra chasses. In environments where equipment
ruggedness, security, and maximum space savings are critical, Ultripower is a great fit. Rackmountable, shallow, as well as
easy to access and maintain, it is perfect for things like flypacks, OB Production, or equipment rooms where rack space is at
a premium.

The second application is using Ultripower to power multiple Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra chassis simultaneously from a single
system. The ability to provide power and redundant power to both Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra systems from a neatly rackmounted 1RU power supply greatly cleans up an installation and simplifies equipment management.

One Ultripower chassis can provide:
• Redundant power for up to (4) 1RU Ultrix frames, or (2) 2RU Ultrix frames
• Redundant power for up to (4) 1RU Carbonite Ultra frames
• Redundant power for a mix of Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra frames based on the above totals

DashBoard Control and Monitoring
DashBoard control and monitoring software can be used to configure, actively control, and monitor all key parameters of
the device. In addition, Ultripower has three LED indicators on each power supply module to identify key alarm and power

• 1RU external, rackmountable power supply
• Front loading, hot swappable, redundant 1200W power supplies
• Power / redundant power for multiple Ultrix and Carbonite Ultra frames from a single system
• Adjustable rack ears
• Control/Monitoring over Ethernet via Dashboard
• LED indicators for Fan & Power
• 5-year transferable warranty