Carbonite Black 1 M/E Live Production Switcher ENGINE ONLY- NEW


Product Code- CBF-109

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Carbonite Black 1 M/E Live Production Switcher ENGINE ONLY


TouchDrive Panels are not compatible with CBF-109 or CBF-113 Frames
Standard System Includes:
•Frame Only..No Panel Included
•9 Inputs (6 SDI and 3 HDMI) & 6 outputs (5 SDI and 1 HDMI)
•1 Full ME’s with 5 keys (4 full function + 1 transition keyer for DVE and media transitions) plus 2 floating MiniME’s each with 2 Keyers
•Multi-Definition support for any of the following formats: 525, 625, 1080i 50/59.94, 720P 50/59.94, 1080pSF 23.98/25/29.97, 1080p29.97, 1080p50/59.94 (Level A)
•Single MultiViewer with up to 10 Source Displays, Multiple Layouts with Tally, Label controls and Clock
•Robotic Camera Control (VISCA, Canon BU and Ross Cambot)
•Video Server Control (AMP) with Ross Video Exclusive Roll Clip function
•Graphics System Control (RossTalk)
•Audio Mixer Control (Yamaha 01V96 and DM1000)
•TSL UMD v3.1 Serial Tally Protocol Transmit and v3.1 Receive with Bus Messages
•DashBoard Intuitive network menu system – DashBoard SoftPanel Control via PC or Mac
•Custom Control Macros
•MediaWipeTM Transitions
•6 Multi-Definition Serial Digital Inputs
•3 HDMI Inputs;
•1 Reference input
•4 Keyers with Luma/Linear/Chroma or DVE Keying abilities plus 1 Transition keyer for Animated wipes and DVE transitions
•1 Floating UltraChromeTM Chroma Keyer with Super Fine Keying Quality
•4 Channel Animation Store with Audio – 8 GB of Memory
•6 Format Scalar and Frame Sync
•2 Channels Floating 2D DVE for 2D Picture in Picture Boxes or 2D DVE Transitions
•1 Powerful Pattern Generator and 1 Complex Wash Generator
•Wipes and Masks with soft edge borders
•6 Outputs (1 HDMI): AuxBus, Source Direct, ME PGM/PV/CLN and MultiViewer plus 1 AES audio output
•100 Event Memory System for the M/E and MiniMEs with MemoryAI and Effects Dissolve Recall modes
•FlexiClean assignable Clean Feed output.
•USB port for storing/loading of switcher configuration, memories, custom controls and media files on external Media Drive
•24 GPIO connections each assignable to GPI or GPO function;
•18 Tally connections;
•Serial tally via TSL Tallyman protocol;
•1RU Chassis
•Full 10-Bit Processing in both HD and SD modes
•4:3/16:9 Switchable
•10 Meter Control Panel Cable;
•Redundant power option;
•Comprehensive System Operation and Engineering Manuals
•Full 1 Year Transferable Warranty;
•Free Lifetime Software Updates via Ross Website
*LiveCG license is being included at no charge, a value of $2537 USD!

The Carbonite Black Solo 1 RU HD/SD Switcher Engine from Ross Video is an HD/SD video production switcher providing versatile switching in a highly compact form. Designed for live production, the flexible Solo 1 RU Engine is controlled using the CB-9 Control Panel, or via the DashBoard software interface for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Supporting multi-format video resolutions up to 1080p60, the Solo incorporates nine inputs including six HDMI and three HDMI, and six outputs including five SDI and one HDMI.

The Solo’s multiviewer output supports up to 10 source displays, and features multiple layouts, tally, labeling, and a clock function. Features include robotic camera control for VISCA, Canon BU series, and Ross Cambot cameras. Features typically found in larger switchers that are offered by the Solo include two floating effects channels for PiP or 2D transitions, assignable effects modules, four-channel animation storage with audio, one floating UltraChrome chroma keyer, and powerful 10-bit processing for advanced keying and effects.