Grass Valley LDX-86N WorldCam Camera Package with CCU, OCP, and VF- USED

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Grass Valley LDX-86N WorldCam Camera Package Includes:

  • Grass Valley LDX-86N WorldCam Camera
  • Grass Valley XCU CCU
  • Grass Valley OCP-400


The LDX 86N Series delivers native HD, 3G and 4K images for the highest possible resolution and image clarity. The LDX 86N Series lets you grow into the formats you need tomorrow while buying only what you need today. With a daily, weekly or perpetual GV-eLicense upgrade path, you can move from any single speed HD/3G format to 4K — from single speed HD/3G to 3X HD speed to 6X HD/3X 3G speed — and even a camera that can switch between higher resolution and higher frame rate. Optional native high dynamic range (HDR) for single-speed operation is available via a perpetual GV-eLicense.

The key to providing native resolution in the LDX 86N Series is a new genera- tion of native 4K XensiumHAWK CMOS imagers that support full native 4K res- olution as well as native HD resolution. This new 3840x2160p 4K Xensium- HAWK CMOS imager offers a unique pixel technology called DPMUltra (dynamic pixel management) functionality. With DPMUltra, the camera also provides native 1920×1080 HD acquisition inside the imager (by combining two hori- zontal and two vertical adjacent pixels) without the intrinsic downsides of 4K acquisition, such as rolling-shutter and decreased sensitivity, while delivering native 4K crispness when needed.

Unlike other “native” 4K acquisition solutions, these new imagers use a true 16:9 aspect ratio with a native 3840x2160p UHD pixel count, so lenses perform as intended for all broadcast applications.

The five models in the LDX 86N Series follow the same familiar daily, weekly or perpetual GV-eLicense upgrade path as the LDX 86 Series, culminating
in the LDX 86N Universe with all native format acquisition for 1920×1080 and 3840×2160 with a simple menu command allowing you to switch between 4K (1X speed), 3G (1X/3X speeds) and HD (1X/3X/6X speeds), complete with standard 1X HD outputs for simultaneous live use.

Super Slow-Motion

The four LDX 86N and LDX 86 (see below) high-speed cameras set a new standard in image acquisition for slow-motion instant replay. They capture fast-paced sports action and emotion with unrivaled quality levels at high frame rates and with instant time-to-air. All captured frames can be perma- nently recorded, so not a single moment will be missed or lost.