Sony RCP-750 – USED


Sony RCP-750 Remote for Cameras and CCU’s


Sony RCP-750 Remote for Cameras and CCU’s

The Sony RCP-750 is a remote control panel specifically designed for the BVP and HDC series professional cameras and connects via the CCU/HDCU-series camera control unit. The remote can be used up to 656″ (200 m) away, making it useful in a variety of applications.

Sony RCP-750 Features

Optimal control parts arrangement for basic camera operation
This remote control panel is provided with essential control functions for basic operation of a BVP/HDC series camera.
The buttons, knobs, and other controls have been arranged according to their functions and with consideration to their frequency of use. Indicators and buttons light or flash to indicate the status of the system operation. Also, guard frames are provided to protect against accidental use of those buttons vital to camera operation. These features ensure easy and error-free use of this remote control panel.
Controlling the automatic setup function
The RCP-750/751 has built-in microcomputers that reliably perform automatic setup for the majority of
the control items. The various items can be automatically adjusted independently or in combination.
Controlling the scene file function
Camera adjustment and control data such as paint data for a particular scene can be stored in the video camera
in the form of a scene file. The stored data can easily be retrieved at any time to automatically adjust the camera to the shooting conditions for that particular scene. This panel enables up to five scene files to be created and handled.
Controlling the ECS/shutter function of the camera
The ECS (Extended Clear Scan) and electronic shutter functions of the camera can be turned on/off from this
panel. The ECS frequency and shutter speed are also selected.
Signal transmission via a digital line
Between this remote control panel and the camera control unit, signals are digitally transmitted via a single connection cable (CCA-5), ensuring a reliable signal.  Operating power is also supplied via the cable.
Memory Stick slot
Various data, including scene files and reference files, can be stored on a Memory Stick and reproduced at
any time.
Parallel operation with another control panel
Video cameras can be concurrently controlled from this panel and another controller, such as the MSU-900/950 Master Setup Unit.
Four units mountable on a 19-inch rack
Up to four units of this control panel can be mounted in a line on a 19-inch EIA standard rack