Grass Valley LDK-5302/60 ENF Viewfinder- USED


Grass Valley LDK-5302/60 ENF Viewfinder

  • Recently serviced

This ENG Viewfinder is in excellent working condition. It has average cosmetics with minimal wear and tear.


Grass Valley LDK-5302/60 ENF Viewfinder

The LDK5302/60 is a sophisticated HDTV viewfinder containing state-of-the-art electronic components which are designed to provide long-life operation without the need for maintenance. With this in mind, the service policy of Thomson Multimedia Broadcast Solutions endeavors to ensure that help will be quickly on hand in the unlikely event of anything going wrong. The guiding principles of the Thomson Multimedia Broadcast Solutions first line maintenance philosophy are speed and cost effectiveness. First line maintenance is dedicated to keeping your viewfinder operational, despite a fault, by replacement boards and the replacement of minor mechanical parts by the user.