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Capture Stunning Shots with the Fujinon UA23x7.6BERD Broadcast ENG/EFP Lens

  • Fujinon UA23x7.6BERD
  • SS-13B full servo controls for zoom and focus
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Looking for a high-performance lens to take your electronic field production to the next level? The Fujinon UA23x7.6BERD offers the ideal combination of wide angle coverage and telephoto reach, making it perfect for a diverse range of broadcast applications.

This top-of-the-line lens gives you a remarkable focal length range of 7.6mm to 174mm in just 23x zoom ratio. The 7.6mm focal length on the wide end enables brilliant interior shots and tight spaces, while the 174mm telephoto reach allows you to capture distant subjects with striking clarity and detail. You get the versatility to shoot anything from interviews to live events with a single lens.

In addition, the fast T2.8 maximum aperture maintains brightness across the entire focal range. This allows for superb imaging even in low light conditions. You can be confident of capturing stunning footage regardless of the shooting environment.

Designed specifically for 2/3” sensors, the UA23x covers the image circle precisely for high edge-to-edge sharpness. The advanced optical design incorporates low dispersion glass and aspherical elements to minimize chromatic aberration, distortion, and flaring. This produces footage with true-to-life color rendition, razor-sharp resolution, and minimal artifacts.

For stable, shake-free video, the lens features Fujinon’s proprietary optical image stabilizer. This provides top-class five-axis stabilization for vastly reduced camera shake when shooting handheld. You can move freely without worrying about jittery or shaky shots.

The UA23x7.6BERD comes equipped with SS-13B robotic servo zoom and focus controls. This enables precise, repeatable movements via cinema industry-standard 0.8 pitch gears. The lens integrates seamlessly with professional camera rigs and remote systems for incredible efficiency and accuracy.

Shooters can take full advantage of the ergonomic servo control grip with buttons for zoom and focus adjustments. For fine-tuning of focus, iris, and zoom, users can connect up to three daisy-chained remote control units. This allows separate operators to have independent control of critical lens functions.

With a lightweight, compact form factor under 6 lbs, the UA23x7.6BERD offers remarkable mobility and portability. The robust, weather-resistant construction stands up to challenging environments, while the fluorine coating on exposed elements resists dirt, smudges, and moisture. This is the perfect lens to take anywhere from the studio to the field.

Designed for today’s cutting-edge 4K UHD and HD workflows, this lens delivers the breathtaking image quality broadcast requires. It takes full advantage of modern camera sensors with 4K UHD resolution and HDR compatibility.

For news, sports, documentaries, events, and any application where flexibility, speed, and precision matter, the Fujinon UA23x7.6BERD is the clear choice. With its best-in-class focal range, fast aperture, 5-axis stabilization, servo controls, and robust construction, this lens sets the new standard for 2/3″ HD and UHD broadcast.

Step up your electronic field production and unlock new creative potential with this technological masterpiece. Experience what’s achievable when you pair state-of-the-art optics with top-tier mechanical engineering. Let the UA23x7.6BERD lens take you to the next level.

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