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Get Unsurpassed Optical Performance with the Fujinon UA14x4.5BERD Telephoto Zoom Lens

  • Fujinon UA14x4.5 BERD
  • SS-13B full servo controls for zoom and focus
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When your productions demand the highest quality images, you need a lens that delivers. Look no further than the Fujinon UA14x4.5BERD telephoto zoom lens. This advanced lens combines cutting-edge optical design with robust construction – giving you stunning 4K and HD footage, even under challenging conditions.

Boasting a generous 14x zoom range, the UA14x4.5BERD covers focal lengths from 9mm all the way up to 126mm in the Super 35 format. This gives you exceptional flexibility for telephoto shots, while still handling nice wide angles when needed. The fast T2.9 max aperture maintains exposure when zooming in, and provides pleasing bokeh for selective focus shots.

Built on over 50 years of Fujinon’s optical expertise, the UA14x4.5 utilizes the highest quality glass and coatings. With a 4K-compatible digital servo, you get 16-bit precision and repeatability for accurate and responsive lens operation. This exceptional optic design reduces distortion, flare and chromatic aberration – allowing you to capture crisp, clean footage full of fine details.

In addition, the lens optics stay well-controlled even when shifting focus. The constant volume focus breathing keeps your frame size consistent as you rack focus between subjects – avoiding unwanted zooming effects that could throw off your compositions.

The UA14x4.5BERD is also equipped with Fujinon’s signature focus preset function. This allows you to define up to three preset focus positions, and shift between them with the press of a button – enabling you to quickly nail your focus marks every time.

Built Tough for Field Production

While delivering optical excellence, the UA14x4.5BERD features a rugged metal housing that can withstand the rigors of field production. The lens is resistant to temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration – giving you reliable performance whether you’re shooting in the freezing cold, bone-dry desert, or hot tropics.

The fluorine coating applied to the outer elements repels water, oil, and other contaminants. This keeps your shots free from veiling and flare caused by dirt on the glass. Rounded iris blades retain their smooth motion even in challenging environments, preventing the lens from seizing up.

Compact and lightweight at just 4.2kg, the UA14x4.5BERD won’t weigh down your camera rig. The 95mm front diameter accepts standard filters, while the industry-standard gear ring allows you to use your choice of third-party lens motors and accessories.

Full Servo Control for Smooth Operation

For precise lens control, the UA14x4.5BERD includes Fujinon’s SS-13B servo controller. This full servo drive provides repeatable and accurate zoom, iris, and focus movements.

The dynamic range of the servo response allows you to program soft and gradual focus pulls that maintain proper exposure. This prevents sudden shifts in brightness as you transition between subjects. For zooming, you get a wide range of speeds – from barely perceptible to rapid – enabling you to match your creative intent.

With industry-leading control and feedback mechanisms, the SS-13B gives you tangible focus and zoom positions. The manual clutch lets you quickly switch between servo and manual operation to fine tune your shots. Bright LEDs clearly display servo status, and all controls are ergonomically designed for intuitive use even when wearing gloves.

Don’t settle for basic lenses that can’t keep up with your creative vision. When you need superior optics backed by precision servo control, look no further than the Fujinon UA14x4.5BERD with SS-13B. Contact our expert team today to discuss your production needs – and elevate your footage to new heights.