Evertz 5600ACO Auto Changeover- USED


This Evertz 5600ACO was pulled from a working environment and is in excellent physical condition. This unit has minimal signs of wear and tear. Contact us today for more information about this Everts 5600ACO!

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The 5600ACO/ACO2 Automatic Changeovers are intended for use with two 5600MSC Master Clock/Sync Generators. The 5600ACO/ACO2 system uses latching relays to ensure maximum reliability and minimal disruption in the event of any failure.

The complete system provides the highest level of security for television station video and time synchronization systems. The 5600ACO is a 1RU device which is an ACO for a subset of the 5600MSC outputs. The 5600ACO2 is a 2RU ACO for all outputs of the 5600MSC. Two power supplies are included as a standard feature, to alleviate any single point of failure concerns.