Midas DL451 Audio System Modular I/O Boxes- USED


We have three Midas DL451 Audio System I/O Boxes available, all in excellent working condition. These units were used in a church facility and were well taken care of. Contact us today for additional information and pictures of these units.

Racks housing for these units are not included.

Price is $1,000 each


The DL451 3×8 Modular I/O Unit by Midas is a user-configurable module with a 3×8 XLR format allowing up to 24 audio inputs or outputs. The unit can be used with the Midas XL8 and PRO series of digital mixing systems, or as a standalone AES50 audio interface in a Midas snake and audio distribution systems with remote control via Ethernet. The DL451 Modular I/O has three module slots which can be configured as a combination of analog mic/line in, analog out, and digital in/out (AES/EBU). The unit features MIDI in, out, and thru sockets as well as two GPIO connections. Dual redundant AES50 connections are also included and can be used with a CAT-5 cable for remote access from a PC when using the unit as a standalone, as part of a snake, without a console.

The DL451 is compatible with the DL441, DL442, DL443, DL452, and DL444 I/O cards.

  • User-configurable allowing up to 24 inputs or outputs
  • Can act as a standalone or with XL8 and PRO series mixing systems
  • Digital snake and distribution network component with redundant connections
  • Ethernet control port
  • 4 fan intakes for fan cooling
  • Front panel lights for monitoring the supply voltage, Ethernet connections, and AES50 audio channels
  • Cut-outs for rack mounting fixings
  • 24 write-on strips for marking module channel assignments
  • LCD screen with 4 push buttons for programming and adjusting settings
  • Automatic network scan ensuring unique operating device ID
  • Clock source can be set to an interior or exterior clock
  • Compatible with the DL441, DL442, DL443, DL452, and DL444 I/O cards by Midas
The Midas DL451 is a 3U 19″ modular configurable rack mount I/O unit with provision for 3 DL4 Series interface cards and up to 24 audio inputs and 24 audio outputs. With two AES50 network ports and two Ethernet control ports providing dual redundancy, plus a MIDI Interface (In, Out, Thru), the DL451 is the ideal partner to all Midas PRO Series digital consoles, enabling a digital snake connection from Front of House to stage or to provide additional local I/O at the console mix position.