Yamaha QL-1 – USED


Unleash Your Audio Genius with the Yamaha QL-1

Video professionals deserve high-performance tools that deliver exceptional sound, and the Yamaha QL-1 digital mixing console is a prime example. At Allied Broadcast Group, we’re passionate about connecting you with the right equipment to elevate your productions, and the QL-1 is a versatile powerhouse waiting to be explored.

  • Yamaha QL-1


Here’s why the QL-1 stands out:

Uncompromising Audio Fidelity:
  • Crystal-clear sound, faithfully reproducing every nuance, thanks to meticulous component selection and processing.
  • Premium built-in processors, co-developed with Rupert Neve, let you sculpt your audio with legendary warmth and depth.
  • Automatic mixing technology by Dan Dugan Sound Design keeps things balanced and natural, freeing you to focus on the bigger picture.
Intuitive & Streamlined Workflow:
  • Large touch-panel displays and “Touch and Turn” knobs provide immediate, hands-on control.
  • Every detail, from fader feel to channel name visibility, is designed for optimal operation under pressure.
  • Control and configure offline from your iPad for added convenience and pre-production prep.
Adaptability for Any Gig:
  • Ample analog I/O plus Dante networking unlock extensive connectivity possibilities.
  • Innovative “Port to Port” feature transforms the QL-1 into a remote I/O powerhouse for other QL or CL consoles.
  • 2-track and multitrack recording, plus dual MY expansion slots, create a comprehensive audio hub for diverse scenarios.

We understand that choosing the right audio equipment is crucial. That’s why our knowledgeable and friendly experts are here to guide you every step of the way. With our extensive product knowledge, vast network of partners, and commitment to finding the perfect tool for your specific needs, Allied Broadcast Group is your trusted source for all your video production gear.

Contact us today to explore the Yamaha QL-1 and discover how it can take your audio to the next level!