Vinten Osprey Plus Pedestal 3329- USED


Designed for Demanding Shoots – With robust construction, 5-inch wheels, and 154 lbs payload capacity, the Vinten Osprey Plus pedestal is designed for demanding studio shoots. Reliability is ensured.

  • Vinten Osprey Plus
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Effortless Maneuvering, Exceptional Stability:

The Osprey Plus empowers single operators to achieve smooth camera movements, crab steering, and precise height adjustments – all with minimal effort. Its intuitive design allows for quick positioning and reframing, perfect for dynamic studio shoots.

Uncompromising Balance:

The Vinten Osprey Plus utilizes a patented Perfect Balance stage, ensuring seamless height adjustments without any jerking or imbalance. This translates to flawless vertical camera movements that maintain a professional polish throughout your production.

Built for Efficiency:

The integrated steering ring and track locks provide exceptional maneuverability, while the 5-inch wheels with cable guards ensure smooth rolling and prevent accidental cable snags. The detachable dolly simplifies transportation and storage, saving you valuable time on set.

Adaptable to Your Needs:

The Osprey Plus accommodates a wide range of camera setups, supporting payloads of up to 154 lbs. This makes it ideal for various studio applications, from working with teleprompters to capturing interviews.

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