Cartoni Master 30 Flat Base Fluid Head (Broadcast)- NEW



Cartoni Master 30 Flat Base Fluid Head, standard sliding camera plate, 2 pan bars

Payload 7-66 Lbs, New Continuous Fluid Drag Modular System. Infinite Counterbalance, Flat Base

Master 30 features a new modular fluid drag system for smoother starting and stopping with long lenses. Also featured is an infinite counterbalance system

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In Broadcast and Studio configuration the new CARTONI Master 30 head covers the needs of sophisticated video shooters from 3 kg (7 lbs) to 30 kg (66 lbs).

With a low center of gravity configuration such as with Teleprompter, Master 30 holds 40 kg (88 lbs).

An exceptional new fluid module in both pan and tilt modes ensures smooth movements, with perfect starts and stops, the drag system allows a wide variety from almost freewheeling in fast action movements to maximum resistance for perfect long focal shoots.

Counterbalance performs perfect balance at any angle from 0 to +/- 90 degrees.

All operating knobs and levers are conveniently located and easy to reach with a special care for ergonomics.

The head comes equipped with dual telescopic pan bars, illuminated spirit level and digital readouts for drag control and counterbalance settings.

Minimum Payload Capacity 
7 lbs

Maximum Payload Capacity 
66 lbs

23.1 lbs

Bowl Diameter


Fluid Drag




Pan Range


Tilt Range


Temperature Range