Vinten 3381 ProPed Pedestal with Cartoni C40S Head – USED


Elevate your video production with the Vinten 3381 ProPed pedestal and Cartoni C40S fluid head. This exceptional pedestal system provides the ultimate in stability, smoothness, and control for demanding broadcast, documentary, and cinematic shoots.

The sturdy yet lightweight Vinten pedestal features die-cast aluminum construction, adjustable height from 26.8 to 72.8 inches, and silky-smooth pan/tilt control. On top, the Cartoni C40S head delivers perfect counterbalance for cameras up to 88 lbs, as well as drag control and an illuminated leveling bubble for balanced, vibration-free camera movements.

Together, the pedestal and head offer a complete pro-level camera support system engineered for performance, reliability, and years of flawless footage. Customizable accessories are also available to expand capabilities.

Don’t settle for less when you need pro-grade results. The Vinten 3381 ProPed pedestal with Cartoni C40S head will take your video production to the next level. Contact us today to order this exceptional system!

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Looking to elevate your video production to the next level? The Vinten 3381 ProPed pedestal with Cartoni C40S head is the perfect solution for professional videographers and cinematographers who demand top-quality equipment. This exceptional pedestal and fluid head combination provide unmatched stability and control, enabling you to capture flawless footage every time.

At the core of this pedestal system is the sturdy yet lightweight Vinten ProPed pedestal. With a robust die-cast aluminum construction, it offers incredible durability to withstand the rigors of daily use while still allowing for easy transport between locations. The adjustable height ranges from 26.8 to 72.8 inches, giving you the flexibility to adapt to any shooting scenario. And with high-performance slew and steer drag control systems, you can precisely pan and tilt with silky-smooth movements.

Mounted on top is the Cartoni C40S fluid head, which provides the ultimate in camera balance and control. Its counterbalance system allows you to mount camera payloads up to 88 pounds, and the adjustable drag and counterbalance deliver perfect control whether you’re shooting slow pans or rapid movements. The C40S also provides an illuminated leveling bubble and dual side-loading camera plates for quick setup and balanced operation.

Together, the Vinten pedestal and Cartoni head offer a complete professional camera support system with vibration-free movement. The quality construction and advanced engineering ensure reliable performance for many years to come. And with a complete set of accessories available, you can customize and expand the system to suit your needs.

So why settle for subpar gear that could limit your production capabilities? When you need the very best pedestal system for telecasts, documentaries, concerts, and other demanding video shoots, then the Vinten 3381 ProPed with Cartoni C40S head is the clear choice. The smooth, stable footage you’ll be able to capture will take your videos to the next level. Don’t miss out – contact us today to order this exceptional pedestal and fluid head system!