Vinten Vector Style V-Wedge Plate with Fixing Screws – New


Vinten Style Quick Release Wedge Plate

  • Includes Mounting Screws
  • Fits Vinten Vector 7, 70, 700, 750, 900, 950
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Vinten Style Quick Release Wedge Plate

This quick release wedge plate is made to the same specifications as the Vinten 3053-3 wedge plate.  This item comes with fixing screws and is made to fit Vinten Vector 950, 950i, 75, 750, and 750i Tripod Heads.  This wedge offers two 3/8″ connection screws and counterbalance capabilities. This wedge is secured to the underside of a camera and may be installed in a wedge adaptor on any suitable pan and tilt head.