Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UHD 144 with Router Controls Panels, Compact System Controller, and Full Matrix X Y Panel – USED


At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the ever-growing demand for stunning Ultra-High Definition (UHD) content. Broadcasters today need solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure while delivering the power and flexibility to create captivating 4K experiences. Enter the Utah Scientific Utah-100/UHD 144, a revolutionary digital routing switcher designed to empower your team’s UHD content creation workflow.

  • Utah Scientific UTAH-100/UHD 144
  • Utah Scientific UCP-LC16 x3
  • Utah Scientific UCP-LC32 x2
  • Utah Scientific UCP-MMA/E
  • Utah Scientific SC-40
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The Utah Scientific Utah-100/UHD 144 – Unleashing the Power of UHD Content Creation

Future-Proofing Your Production with Seamless 4K Integration

The Utah-100/UHD 144 isn’t just another router. It’s a game-changer for studios embracing the future of UHD. Unlike traditional 3G routers that require complex multi-path configurations for 4K signals, the UHD-12G boasts a single-link interconnect. This translates to simplified installations, reduced rack space requirements, and fewer cables – all while maintaining the familiar and reliable SDI coax cabling your team is accustomed to.

This innovative approach not only streamlines your workflow but also minimizes operating costs. With the UHD-12G, you can confidently manage the full range of SDI video signals, from standard definition (SD) to a crisp 2160p60, ensuring compatibility with your existing equipment and future projects.

Built for Compatibility and Unmatched Control

The Utah-100/UHD 144 seamlessly integrates with your existing Utah Scientific ecosystem. This guarantees investment protection and avoids compatibility headaches. Furthermore, the UHD-12G works flawlessly with all your current routing control systems, including the SC-4, SC-40, and SC-400. This translates to a familiar control experience for your team, minimizing any disruption to your established workflows.

Taking Control: SC-40 Compact System Controller

The included SC-40 Compact System Controller empowers you with the precision and flexibility needed to navigate the complexities of modern video production. This powerful controller provides centralized control and monitoring of your entire Utah Scientific multi-format router and master control switcher setup. Imagine the efficiency of managing your entire signal distribution network from a single, unified control point!

User-Friendly Control Panels for Streamlined Routing

The Utah-100/UHD 144 comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of user-friendly control panels, ensuring intuitive operation for your team. The UCP-LC family features high-resolution LCD switches with dynamic labeling, providing a clear and customizable user interface. This allows for quick access to frequently used functions like source selection, destination routing, and salvos.

UCP-LC16 and UCP-LC32: Programmable Power at Your Fingertips

The UCP-LC16 offers a single row of programmable buttons with eight characters and user-defined colors. This versatile panel provides easy access to various configurations, ideal for streamlining frequently used workflows.

The UCP-LC32 expands on this functionality with two rows of programmable buttons. This allows for even more customization and control over your routing tasks.

UCP-MMA/E: The Ultimate Routing Command Center

For the ultimate in routing control, the UCP-MMA/E offers a full-matrix X-Y panel. This powerhouse allows you to route any source to any destination with complete 16-level breakaway control. The four touchscreen LCD displays provide clear readouts of levels, sources, destinations, and router status, keeping you informed at every step.

Conclusion: The Utah Scientific Utah-100/UHD 144 – Your Key to Unlocking the Future of UHD Content Creation

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the importance of having the right tools for the job. The Utah Scientific Utah-100/UHD 144 is more than just a router – it’s an investment in the future of your UHD content creation. With its seamless 4K integration, unmatched control capabilities, and user-friendly interface, the UHD-12G empowers your team to create visually stunning content with maximum efficiency.

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