Ross Video Power Supply 12V 16A PSU with 6 Pin Connector for Redundancy or Spare for Carbonite- NEW


Product Code- PSU-12V16A-6PIN

Used with Carbonite Series Frames, Carbonite and Carbonite Black Panels.



Ross Video Power Supply 12V 16A PSU with 6 Pin Connector for Redundancy or Spare for Carbonite


Used with Carbonite Series Frames, Carbonite and Carbonite Black Panels.

This Ross Video Power Supply for Carbonite Black Solo has a 12 VDC output at 9A of current. The DC output is a six-pin connection for Carbonite Black Solo switchers. This supply supports both the All-in-One and Processing Engine versions. Two power supplies can be connected to the switchers for redundancy.

Powerful MEs

Carbonite packs major effects and keying power into 2 MEs. Each ME has 4 powerful keyers with luma, linear, Chroma and DVE key types as well as an additional 5th hidden keyer for animated Media Wipe and DVE transitions. Each ME can access the 2 advanced UltraChrome™ chroma keyers. Two advanced pattern generators per ME are available for wipes, pattern masks and color washes. Each ME also provides a clean feed output.

LiveAssistTM & MediaManager™

A powerful Ross DashBoard LiveAssist™ control interface combines with Carbonite’s MediaManager browser to provide intuitive control over switcher settings, Media Store graphics and animations. With simple access from PC and MAC, DashBoard and MediaManager are the perfect Carbonite companions.


With ViewControl, it is now possible to create an entire production from a simple and very intuitive interface. Complex transition elements are shown as thumbnails surrounding the live source windows. Running the show is now as simple as touching the screen.

4 Channel MediaStore™

Four independent media player channels are available switcher-wide. Stills, logos and animated graphics can be played out from the on-board 8GB memory and can be loaded via USB storage devices. The Media-Store™ can also be managed directly over Ethernet via Carbonite’s browser based graphics tools.

4 or 8 Channels of DVE

4 or 8 high quality 2D DVE channels are available system-wide. When set to 4 channels the DVEs ‘float’ within the system architecture allowing all to be assigned to a single ME or distributed across both MEs as the production demands. These DVEs are also available for ME DVE transitions and have dedicated selection in the ME transition area.

MediaWipes™ with Audio Playback

MediaWipes™ add powerful animated transition capabilities with audio playback from the Carbonite MediaStores™. Create compelling, animated graphic transitions and control them simply from a dedicated ME transition area selector.

MultiViewers – Total Monitoring Solution

Two configurable MultiViewers (up to 32 windows) are included in Carbonite’s standard feature set. These clean, low latency MultiViewers have access to all external and internal sources. Source naming and tally assignment automatically follow window routing selections. The MultiViewer clock can be locked to house time via Time code. Carbonite Black Plus includes 3 additional 16 window MultiViewers for input and output monitoring providing the ability to monitor up to 80 sources.

Multi-Format Production

Carbonite’s video processing engine can be set for Standard or High Definition production. In addition, the standard system includes 6 internal frame synchronizers and format converters which allow mixed SD and HD formats to be seamlessly incorporated into your production. The Carbonite Plus / Carbonite Black Plus and MultiMedia versions have dedicated converter/synchronizers on every input. Carbonite Black Plus includes 12 outputs with Format Conversion