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Configure up to four different display options on one monitor screen!

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he WVR5200 Waveform Rasterizer from Tektronix is a basic video Waveform Rasterizer that is equally at home in production studio control rooms, mobile trucks, editing and color correction suites, field production and QC. The WVR5200 accepts and loops-through reference sync signals via discrete Reference In/Out connectors for easy integration into a video facility. The unit can display the reference signal as an aid in troubleshooting facility sync. The WVR5200 can also provide its own internal sync when used as a standalone unit.

The WVR5200 comes standard with four SDI inputs. Each input features auto-detection of HD/SD-SDI and multiple Dual Link video formats for signal analysis and display on a monitor via SDI output or a DVI-I connector for flexibility. The CRT-like trace quality of the WVR5200 provides an analog look and feel to the waveform display screen. For audio monitoring the unit is equipped with a 1/4″ headphone jack on the front.

Designed to be flexible and portable, this unit is lightweight, small in size, and does not draw an excessive amount of power. At 8.4 x 5.5″ the WVR5200 is about half the size of a sheet of paper and one rack unit in height. It draws a maximum of 35 watts at 12VDC, making it extremely portable with flexible powering options through its 4-pin XLR connector. The WVR5200 comes enabled with a variety of options to display the signal including Waveform display of external reference, Black Picture, Flexible Quad Tile Display and TandemVu. Also enabled are Tektronix’s patented display technologies Diamond display, Arrowhead/Split Arrowhead display, Timing display, and Lighting display.

The WVR5200 comes with 32 user-configurable instrument presets which allow users to recall commonly used configurations. These configurations can be transferred to and from other WVR5200 units via a USB memory device, such as a flash drive, available separately. Screenshots and error logs can also be saved through the USB port. Feeding an LTC signal to the remote connector on the back of the unit allows for display of the LTC signal. The WVR5200 is controllable by SNMP over the Ethernet port on the back of the unit. In addition software upgrades for added features are available through both the USB and Ethernet ports.

Multiformat / Multistandard
The WVR5200 auto detects and supports various video signals from SD-SDI Pal and NTSC up to Dual Link HD-SDI on each of its four SDI inputs. 3G-SDI support is available as an option. Multiple formats can be connected to the unit via the four discrete inputs and toggled through for display and analysis.
Multiple Display and Analysis Options

The WVR5200 is a digital device without a built-in monitor. It can display the full input signal on an output monitor and it can also display various diagnostic signal measurements on an output monitor.

Display Options:

RGB, YPbPr, YRGB, or pseudo-composite – in either Parade or Overlay mode. The WVR5200 waveform display has an analog feel, and sharp traces such as those found on a traditional CRT Waveform monitor.

User selectable graticules, color targets and color axis.

Black and Frozen Frame Detection:
Used to alert the operator to issues with the transmission chain, can be automatically logged in an Error Log.

Patented Tektronix Gamut Display Technologies:
Diamond and Split Diamond color gamut display allow the operator to verify at a simple glance if the signal is RGB or Composite compliant. The Arrowhead display is able to monitor Composite gamut compliance from an SDI Component signal avoiding the need for a separate encoder.
Timing and Lighting Display for Facility and Interchannel calibration.

Quad Tile:
Allows the user to configure up to four different display options on one monitor screen.

Status Display

The WVR5200 can present a variety of signal status displays that users can view and save to a USB memory device available separately.

Status Display Examples

  • Current Alarm
  • Alarm History – up to 10,000 entries
  • Video Error Statistics
User Programmable and Transferable Presets

32 User programmable presets allow you to configure your display options to monitor various parameters. Presets can be saved to a USB device and imported to any other WVR5200 providing for a speedy set up and consistent user experience.

Preset Examples

  • Quad Tile specific settings
  • Measurement assigned to each tile
  • Input selection
  • SDI input Settings
  • External reference settings
  • Alarm setting
  • Gamut thresholds
  • Display settings
  • Graticule settings

The WVR5200 has various upgrade options to further expand on the capabilities of the unit.

Option 3G
Support for 3G-SDI signal formats (Level A and Level B)

Option GEN
3G/HD/SD-SDI Color Bar and Pathological Signal Generation Capability

Note: Requires Option 3G for 3G-SDI Signal Generation

Option CAM
Simultaneous monitoring of up to 4 camera inputs

Option Prod
Advanced Gamut Monitoring Package including Spearhead Display and Luma Qualified Vector Display

Option Data
ANC Data Inspector, and advanced Data Analysis capabilities. Ancillary Data Monitoring which includes decoding of 708 and 608 Closed Captions, Teletext and OP47 Subtitles, AFD, and CGMS-A

Option AUD
16-channel Embedded AES Audio Monitoring
Including Multichannel Surround Sound Display

Option LOUD
Audio Loudness Monitoring Capabilities
Loudness Meter
Loudness Trend Chart
Loudness Data Logging

Note: Requires Option AUD to be installed.

Key Features
  • Multiformat Multistandard Support
  • 4x SDI Inputs, Ref In/Out
  • Automatic Detection of Signal Formats
  • SDI and DVI-I Video Outputs
  • Weighs 1.8 lb and Low Power Draw
  • Wide Range of Monitoring Display Options
  • Sharp CRT-like Trace Quality
  • 32 Instrument Presets
  • USB, Ethernet/SNMP, LTC Monitoring
  • Monitoring Feature Sets are Expandable