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Sony HDVF-C550w Electronic Viewfinder



Sony HDVF-C550w Electronic Viewfinder
The Sony HDVF-C550w electronic viewfinder is a 5 inch color electronic viewfinder designed for attachment to a camera. The Sony 5″ HD Color Viewfinder is designed for use with Sony’s HD studio and ENG cameras in the HDC, HSC and HDW series. Displaying 800 x 450 pixels at a bright 300cd/m2, the HDVF-C550W is lightweight at just under 3 lbs (1.2kg) and combines wide viewing angles with a large degree of control. Quick, accurate focusing can be achieved with the Focus Assist function, while various image settings can be assigned to external menu buttons for on-the-fly adjustments.

Sony HDVF-550 Features:

Low power consumption
Wide voltage range of 10.5 V to 17 V.
Low power consumption (approx. 14 W).
High resolution
High-resolution picture tube, with horizontal resolution of over 650 lines.
Phase-corrected peaking circuit (for both side edges)
Adoption of the peaking circuit ensures sharp pictures and thus make forcussing easier.
Large up-tally lamp
The up-tally lamp is large and easier to see by switching from white to red.
The up-tally lamp with the supplied number plate attached can be used for the multi-camera operations.
You can adjust the lamp brightness.
Two tally system
Each lamp lights corresponding to whether a red tally or green tally signal is input.
Superior operation
Panning up to 90 degrees left and right is possible.
Tilting 40 degrees up and down is also possible.
Because the HDVF-550 is light (approx. 1.9 kg (4 lb 3 oz)) and features a strong magnesium diecast and water-resist body, it has no movement of the weight center and offers superior operations.
Supplied studio monitor hood and VFH-550 optional OB hood
The supplied studio monitor hood is strong and easy to use.
The VFH-550 offers superior shading character.
Wide Viewing Angle 
IPS-LCD for ultra-wide viewing angle-85deg. versus conventional 60deg.Focus Assist Function 
Comes with a Focus Assist function for quick and accurate focusing, including a MAG mode with picture-in-picture (2.4x) and VF peaking (full, area, color).Preset Adjustment Settings 
Brightness, contrast, peaking and Chroma levels can be preselected and assigned to a switch or menu item.