SimplyLive RefBox Mini 4 Varsity Bundle- NEW In Box


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MSRP : $18,495

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Product Code RB-4VB

SimplyLive RefBox Mini 4 Varsity Bundle Includes:

  • VI-Mini2: 2 RU Vibox Processing Unit (1×2 TB SSD, 16core AMD CPU, 1080TI iGPU, 32GB RAM, 2 USB ports for removable HDD, 4 SDI I/O)
  • RB: RefBox software for ViBox


RefBox 4 Varsity Bundle – Multi-camera Video Review System

  • Continuously record up to 4 cameras in full HD quality, with loop recording for uninterrupted recording
  • Review instantly on the sidelines or remotely, with pinch-and-zoom on any video screen to identify detail
  • Export and save critical situations – including metadata – to external, portable media in standard high-quality formats and then re-import footage for offline referee review and post-game coaching analysis

All bundles include a compact hardware unit optimized for 4- or 6-camera setups, and support baseband, IP and hybrid workflow.  A simple setup requires adding just cameras and touchscreen monitors to get started.
Benefits to Schools

  • Schools can easily train anyone to produce live sports in a few minutes. Anyone who uses a smartphone or a tablet can learn the touchscreen commands of a ViBox system to produce live sports.
  • Schools can hit their budget requirements by only adding the modules needed and expand later. System bundles also include extras capabilities like audio mixing software and content exporting software for additional value.
  • Schools can grow their audience engagement with professional video features like super slow-motion replays in both the All-In-One and SloMo bundle.
  • Schools can live stream games as they happen for remote audience, with simultaneous recording and export for on-demand or offline viewing.
  • Schools will own their own content production and control their video assets so they can reuse video for future programs, recruitment videos and player skills improvement.
  • With RefBox, leagues and schools can be ready for official replay from all angles as play review is adopted. They can leverage the same system for post-game coaching analysis and player development.