Ross Video Ultritouch Ethernet Enabled 2RU Hi Res LCD Touchscreen Control Panel- NEW


Product Code- ULTRITOUCH-2-HR

Ethernet enabled, fully SW configurable 2RU remote control panel with Smart Touch functionality – Hi Resolution LCD Touchscreen with Dual GbE, HDMI Output, USB, & single power supply. Ultritouch-RTR license included — optional redundant PS available separately.



Ultritouch is a powerful system control panel from Ross Video that is totally customizable and has been designed around you. The panels are a 2RU or 4RU rack-mountable touchscreen that builds on the functionality of traditional control products by adapting to your workflows, and it features a user interface that has more in common with a modern smartphone than a broadcast control panel. The magic of Ultritouch lies in its powerful Smart Touch capabilities. Ultritouch supports Ross Video’s DashBoard platform natively, giving users unlimited flexibility to build panels that meet their working needs without any restrictions on numbers of buttons, button placement or display windows.
Smart Touch was developed to address the growing need for control surfaces that support traditional functionality but also offer greater levels of customization for the very precise and complex workflows of our most demanding customers. At its heart, Ultritouch features a full version of DashBoard
– Ross Video’s open control platform – which enables users to:
• Control a wide range of Ross products including production switchers, XPression graphics, Overdrive APC,
openGear and Ross Routing systems, among others.
• Quickly change between panel styles and layouts, maximizing the usability of the panel and making your
operations more efficient.
• Create and import custom panels
• NDI stream monitoring
• Control of 3rd party products via OGP

In addition, Ultritouch combined with Ultrix routers gives users a tremendous amount of flexibility and advanced power including: Quick setup using the Ultricore soft panel wizard
• Custom panel layouts using flexible Windows and Drawers based on user preference
• Button per source, Cat/Idx, Grouping, Favorites, Advanced Statusing, Salvo operations and more
• Destination follow monitoring with video using NDI streaming direct on the panel
• A multiviewer control panel that allows for control of layouts, pips, and pip behavior.
This graphics intensive panel simplifies use and makes it very easy to control large amounts of multiviewers from a single control surface.