SimplyLive R8 – 8 Channel Replay System

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8 Channel 1080p replay
6in / 2 out


Simplylive replay solutions are the most intuitive and scalable options in the market. The R8 instant replay system brings the same powerful replay solution into a small form factor bundle. R8 is the new compact, redundant and powerful Replay server of the ViBox product family.

The R8 is the perfect starting point for live replay and offers a pioneering solution which breaks with traditional concepts and brings a
modernized user experience to live replay. The extensive slow motion capabilities built into the R8 replay solution are combined with the well
known Simplylive touchscreen UI approach. The intuitive user interface that has become a landmark of the ViBox product range, has been further optimized for the R8 and single user operations. All features are concentrated in a clear and simple to use touchscreen interface,
that even new users can learn to operate in minutes. Additionally, the system comes with a
brand new dedicated slow motion remote controller, integrated with the touch UI. This
allows the best operator experience with the combination of the dedicated remote and touch-
screen interface

The R8 offers 8 configurable channels for up to 6 camera inputs with a minimum hardware
footprint in a 1U portable chassis and includes:
Replays & Highlights
Import / Export of media
New Slow Motion Remote Controller

The R8 replay is designed for the way the operators want to work. Some may prefer the
familiar Replay Remote Controller with an intuitive button layout and ultra-responsive jog wheel. Others love working with our touch- screen UI, with easy-to-access controls and great feeling scroll pad. And some operators
want to work with both at the same time, which is why we offer both… so people can work exactly the way they want.