Samsung 2043BWX – USED


The Samsung 2043BWX is a widescreen LCD monitor, a versatile and feature-rich display designed to meet the needs of discerning video professionals.

  • Samsung 2043BWX


Enhance Your Workflow with the Samsung 2043BWX: A Crystal-Clear Vision for Video Professionals

Sharpness and clarity are paramount in any video production workflow. The 2043BWX delivers stunning visuals with a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 pixels, ensuring crisp details and accurate color reproduction. The impressive 8000:1 dynamic contrast ratio provides deep blacks and bright whites, offering exceptional image depth for even the most demanding projects. Whether you’re editing intricate graphics, color grading footage, or simply reviewing content, the 2043BWX guarantees a truly immersive viewing experience.

Uncompromising Performance and Speed

The 2043BWX boasts a rapid 5ms response time, virtually eliminating motion blur and ensuring smooth transitions during fast-paced action sequences. You can be confident that your monitor will keep up with the demands of video editing and animation, allowing you to work efficiently without any visual distractions.

Effortless Ergonomics and Connectivity

At Allied Broadcast Group, we know that comfort is key for long editing sessions. The 2043BWX features a 4-way adjustable stand that allows for height, pivot, tilt, and swivel adjustments, enabling you to customize your viewing position for optimal comfort and reduced eye strain. The monitor also boasts a stylish slim-bezel design, maximizing screen real estate and minimizing desktop clutter. Perfect for multi-monitor setups, the 2043BWX allows you to seamlessly expand your workspace and enhance your productivity.

Unparalleled Versatility and Compatibility

The 2043BWX offers a variety of connectivity options to accommodate a wide range of devices. With both DVI-D and D-Sub connectors, you can connect to virtually any computer or video source with ease. Additionally, the built-in USB 2.0 hub provides convenient ports for connecting peripherals like your camera, memory cards, or external hard drives, streamlining your workflow and keeping your workspace organized.

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