For video production professionals seeking a versatile yet easy-to-use intercom panel, the RTS DKP-12 is an ideal solution. As a leading provider of professional video equipment, Allied Broadcast Group recommends the DKP-12 for its helpful features that make communication smooth and efficient on any production.

  • RTS DKP-12


Finding the Right Intercom for Seamless Production

With 12 programmable talk/listen keys, the DKP-12 makes it simple to set up custom conference and isolated channels to suit your needs. The intuitive menu-driven interface allows for easy assignment of keys without complicated programming. Independent volume adjustment on each channel also eliminates variations in listen levels.

The dual-action keys enable latched hands-free or momentary operation, with the option to disable latching to prevent open mics. You can lock talk and listen functions independently per key to avoid accidental deactivation of critical channels. The DKP-12 also includes helpful features like chime tones for incoming call alerts when away from the panel.

Compatible with all RTS digital matrix systems, the DKP-12 is suitable for broadcast, commercial AV, and other fixed installs. It can be powered from 90-264 VAC for worldwide use. With 12 keys and a desktop footprint, this panel provides an ideal control point for productions of all sizes.

At Allied Broadcast Group, our knowledgeable staff can help find the right intercom like the RTS DKP-12 to suit your unique production workflow and technical needs. We carry an extensive inventory of intercom systems and accessories to build customized solutions for seamless communication. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to providing the specialized tools and expertise to support your success.

Contact our team today to learn more about the DKP-12’s helpful features and how Allied Broadcast Group can outfit your studio with the right intercom and audio tools. We’re here to listen and help you achieve clear communication for high-quality productions.