Panasonic AV-HS6000 Switcher Brain and Panel with Accessories in Custom Road Case- USED


This Panasonic Switcher was pulled from a working environment and in excellent condition! The custom road case makes for easy and reliable transportation insuring the equipment is safe and protected. Contact us today for more details on this Panasonic Switcher setup!


  • Panasonic AV-HS6000 Switcher
  • Panasonic Panel
  • Panasonic Touchscreen Display
  • 55″ Monitor (attached to a motorized arm that can raise itself out of the case)
  • Custom Road Case


Despite its compact 3RU body, this mainframe provides wide variety of inputs/outputs with frame synchronizer, format converter, and color correctors. Colors can be adjusted to correspond to different video source formats, camera properties, and displays, enabling trouble-free production.

• 34 inputs in total, with 32 SDI and two DVI inputs.
• All SDI inputs are provided with a 10 bit frame synchronizer.
• Eight inputs equipped with color correctors.
• Four inputs equipped with up-converters. Signals can be delayed by up to eight frames.

• 16 SDI outputs with two outputs per channel. • Four outputs equipped with color correctors. • Two outputs equipped with downconverters.

32 SDI and two DVI inputs and 16 SDI outputs, with a wide variety of keyers and DVEs. Versatile transition modes and extensive video production features are achieved with high cost effectiveness. Functions are scalable using plug-in software.

Intuitive operation is realized by Multi-SelectionPanel, cross point buttons with color grouping function, and a OLED source name display panel. These function to enhance visibility helps quick and accurate switching.

In addition to wipe, mix, and cut transitions, DVE transitions with 3D DVE 2ch, such as size reduction and sliding, can be performed. Diverse rendering of image effects such as mosaic or defocus are possible.
• 4ch of 3D DVE and 2ch of 2D DVE systems are provided to support background and

keys for each ME. *1: Some functions differ when 3G/4K mode is selected.

Featuring variety of keyers, HS6000 supports creative live content creation. A luminance key, linear key, chroma key, full key, and PinP are provided for 4ch per ME (8ch in total), plus 4ch of DSK, for a total 12keyers, with 4ch of upstream key (USK).