Midas DL431 Audio Input Splitters- USED


We have two of these Midas DL431 Audio Splitters available, both in excellent working condition. These units were used in a church facility and well taken care of. For additional information and pictures of these units, feel free to call or email us today.

Price is $4,000 each


The Midas DL431 Input Splitter Unit is a 6U 19″ rack fixed configuration unit which features 24 mic/line inputs. Each input feeds three separate preamps, two with separate gain controls, the third being fixed gain. The two variable-gain preamps feed separate ADCs, which then pass 96 kHz digital audio to the AES50 ports. Four discrete AES50 outputs supply dual-redundant digital audio to AES50 networks, and allow for easy connection to any AES50 device, such as an HD recorder, network bridge, or mixing console.

Two balanced analog splits (sourced post each mic amp) are provided on the rear panel. The third, fixed-gain preamp feeds a transformer-isolated split on the front panel for recording or broadcast applications. The two variable gain preamps are remote controllable from two separate locations, such as front of house and monitor positions. Front panel controls and local monitoring with integral headphone amplifier also make the DL431 usable as a standalone device. Also, its integral dual-redundant power supplies are designed to ensure peace of mind at all times.

  • Front panel control and local monitoring; can be used as a standalone unit
  • Integral headphone amplifier
  • Dual-redundant power supply units
  • Integrated three-way analog mic splits
  • Four AES50 ports
  • Digital snake and distribution network component
  • 6U, 19″ rack-mountable