Tom-Com Talkback 5-pin Female Headset with Beltpack- USED



1 Channel Beltpack

Single Muff Headset


These fine muff headsets feature super isolation, ideal for live sound and noisy environments.

The microphones used for this product are dynamic, non-powered, 200-Ohm professional grade (not for computer gaming).


Dynamic – Cardioid Mic

200 ohm element

79 dB sensitivity

Frequency Range: 120 Hz – 6kHz

The Headphone Section sports a NdFeb magnet 40mm with a frequency range of 200 Hz – 20 kHz at 250 ohms and a range of 20 Mw to 100 Mw with distortion of plus/minus 5%

The Tom-Com1-Channel Wired System includes:

1x Rack Unit (PS-11) Lightweight Dual Power Supply w/ 3A + 3B Outputs capable of handling up to 11 stations in multiple directions.

Belt Packs feature loop thru connection via standard 3-Pin XLR cable and 4-Pin Clear-Com Style/Compatibility.