Mean Well GST220A12-ROS 6 Pin Power Supply – USED


Don’t let power limitations dim your creative vision. The Mean Well GST220A12-ROS is your reliable partner, providing 15 amps of clean, consistent 12V power to keep your productions rolling smoothly.

  • Mean Well GST220A12-ROS
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As a video production professional, you demand reliable power for your equipment. The Mean Well GST220A12-ROS 12Vdc desktop power supply is engineered to meet your exacting standards. With a robust 12V 15Amp output, it’s the powerhouse behind your cameras, lights, and other gear.

Key Features:

  • Stable 12V output for consistent performance
  • High-capacity 15Amp current for power-hungry devices
  • Industry-standard 3-pole AC inlet (IEC320-C14) for universal compatibility
  • Compact desktop design for easy integration into your setup

Trust in Mean Well’s reputation for quality and our expert recommendation. We’ve vetted this power supply to ensure it aligns with the demands of professional video production. From studio setups to on-location shoots, the GST220A12-ROS delivers the juice you need, when you need it.