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Chyron Channel Box 2

  • 6 -500GB Drives

  • New in 2013

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Chyron Channel Box 2

Channel Box is an HD/SD-switchable turnkey branding and automated promo system, featuring 2D/3D design and playout for branding applications, including tickers, crawls, snipes, promos and end-credits. The system’s real-time video, graphics effects, 2D and 3D DVE (optional), clips (optional) and audio can be integrated with automation systems, or the system can be used as a standalone branding device. User-designed control panels enable quick and accurate, real-time operator playout control.

Channel Box is a workflow-enabled product! Seamlessly integrate clips and graphics content with your existing infrastructure of Lyric®-based graphics products. With the Monitor and Control option, you can remotely view a real-time proxy of the actual output channel, as well as have full playout control. Asset management simplifies your workflow, as it enables content management and inter-system content transfer over Gigabit Ethernet. Persistent scenes in Channel Box allow for scenes to remain animating on- or off-screen while
other scenes are loaded and aired. This means that you can separate your graphics requirements into small, independently controlled scenes for maximum flexibility. The new Intelligent Triggers feature allows you to create triggers in one scene that affect other scenes already loaded and playing on output. Channel Box takes full advantage of network speed and capability with advanced options which operate over Gigabit Ethernet network: Networked Asset Management and Distribution provides scene and dependent asset distribution; Networked Monitor and Control provides remote scene editing, playout control and monitoring. These applications are available for Channel Box or PC operation.

  • HD/SD channel branding and auto promo system
  • Real-time 2D/3D video, DVE (optional), clips (optional), graphics, effects and audio
  • Air multiple persistent scenes simultaneously
  • Create scenes that interact with each other using Intelligent Triggers
  • Intuitive Control Interface Builder and user-designed control panels
  • Timeline control of events, including GPI outputs to trigger external devices (GPI I/O optional)
  • HD/SD-switchable platform
  • 3D design capabilities
  • 2D/3D DVE (optional)
  • Dynamic text fulfillment
  • Flexible, rich text-based rolls and crawls
  • Direct support of multiple file formats
  • Real-time, hardware-based video proxy window
  • Offline creation and GUI building
  • Clip playout (optional)
  • Audio playout, gain control and routin
  • Dolby E-compliant for pass through
  • GPI triggers for Channel Box animations (GPI I/O optional) VDCP support for external control by VDCP-enabled devices
  • Serial or Ethernet automation control supporting Chyron’s industry-standard Intelligent Interface