Grass Valley LDX-80 FLEX Elite Twin CCU, 3G upgradeable – USED

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Unlock Your Creative Vision with the LDX-80 Flex from Allied Broadcast Group. This package includes:

  • Grass Valley LDX-80 FLEX Camera Head
  • Grass Valley XCU Elite Twin with Single-Mode Fiber Option
  • Grass Valley LDK-5307, Studio VF
  • Grass Valley OCP-400
  • Grass Valley LDK-4426 Single Mode to Fiber Box
  • 720p Format

Cameras are upgradeable to 1080i, 1080/24PsF, and 3G

ENG VF Also available for additional price


As video professionals, you need a camera system that can keep pace with your boundless creativity. One that combines incredible image quality and unmatched flexibility to capture stunning content, now and in the future.

Look no further than the LDX-80 Flex from Grass Valley. Built on the advanced Xensium-FT CMOS imaging system, the LDX-80 Flex takes performance to the next level with groundbreaking sensitivity, noise reduction, and texture preservation. Frame Transfer technology ensures no image smear even with lightning-fast movement. You get pristine slow motion with elimination of rolling shutter artifacts.

The sensitivity allows you to shoot gorgeously clean video even in extremely low light situations. Combined with the real-time enhanced noise reduction, the LDX-80 Flex delivers outstanding images under all conditions. And Grass Valley’s unique TrueTexture processing maintains subtle skin tones, natural colors, and fine details from capture through post.

Beyond the breakthrough imaging, the LDX-80 Flex offers elite operational capabilities to meet the demands of live broadcast. The flexible design is available in 1080i or 720p versions, making it ideal for a huge range of productions. Intuitive controls allow for adjustments on the fly, while the Perfect Picture feature guarantees matching across the complete LDX camera line and LDK install base for seamless intercutting.

From fast-paced sporting events to televised concerts, the LDX-80 Flex is made for motion. The innovative horizontal chromatic lens aberration and Sharpness Solution (CLASS) ensures optimal image quality with both HD and 4K lenses. Never miss that split-second action again. And for more creative options, built-in secondary color correction allows for color hue, saturation and luminance adjustments right in the camera system.

The LDX-80 Flex pairs seamlessly with your existing Grass Valley infrastructure for live broadcast, including 3G fiber and triax transmission, C2IP camera control, and the RefleX SuperXpander series. Everything you need for uncompromised flexibility and performance.

Experience the creative freedom that comes with the power of Xensium-FT imaging and elite functionality. The LDX-80 Flex sets a new standard for operational excellence across a extensive range of broadcast scenarios.

Please note the 1080p/3G output is an available upgrade option not included in the base model pricing shown. Contact your Allied Broadcast Group sales representative or complete our online Product Inquiry Form for additional details on upgrading to 1080p/3G.

We’re here to help you achieve your creative vision. Count on Allied Broadcast Group and Grass Valley for industry-leading gear, service, and support. The LDX-80 Flex is ready to revolutionize your productions.