Grass Valley 3 Camera LDK-6000 Package (With Extras) – USED


  • 3 LDK-6000 Cameras
  • 4 Expander Sleds
  • 4 CCU’s
  • 4 Studio Viewfinder


Because the Grass Valley LDK 6000 HD has true multi-format HDTV capabilities, there’s no need to commit to either the interlaced or progressive format or risk inferior cameras using electronic conversion.  With simultaneous down-conversion to high-end SDTV that delivers quality comparable to anything available today, you can move easily from SDTV to HDTV. And whatever happens in the future, your cameras will always deliver uncompromized quality.

Single format HD-FT versions of the camera are also available – and these can be upgraded to another format or to multi-format HD-DPM + ™ specifications later, if required. By making the camera compatible with industry standard triax cable – instead of using fiber optic cable – you can make use of your existing, reliable and valuable cable inventory.

A significant saving considering the thousands of feet of cable this camera can use. Many other standard accessories, such as the Series 9000 Camera Control System, are also compatible, further adding to the cost effectiveness of the Thomson solution.

Flexibility is built into the camera, making the LDK 6000 HD suitable for all applications.
The HD Base Station, which is the smallest and the most lightweight of its type, is easy to build into a mobile field production facility. The SuperXPander large lens adapter with the optional 7-inch HD high resolution viewfinder turns it into a fully featured studio head. And with the optional Multi-Purpose adapter, which serves you with 1.5 Gbps HD SDI output and full-bandwidth component analog HD video, all you need is an LDK 5201 local control panel and an HDTV recorder for a cost-effective basic configuration for HDTV. In the future you may change the LDK 6000HD into a HDTV camcorder with the dockable recorder (when available).

It’s tempting to call the LDK 6000 HD Series camera a masterpiece. With 9.2 million pixel HD-DPM + ™ CCD sensors, it’s set to take a leading role in today’s broadcasting renaissance:  high-definition television.  But with two HDTV formats competing for center stage, each with unique advantages, you’re faced with a dilemma: commit to the 1080 interlaced or 720 progressive high-definition format? No problem with the LDK 6000HD system. It’s the first ‘native’ multi-format camera system for studio and EFP usage.