Ikegami HDK-725p Triax Camera Chains with Fiber Convertor- USED


Ikegami HDK-725p Triax Camera Chain Includes:

  • CCU-790A
  • CB-790HD Fiber Converter Boxes
  • OCP 750
  • Studio VF
  • Optional ENG VF

720p Cameras

5 Chains available  $6495 each

Optional 1850 feet of Triax Cable available.

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Ikegami is the world-leading creator of highest quality broadcast and professional video production. Here is supreme HDTV progressive camera system. The HDK-725P portable camera system has been widely accepted by the broadcasters as it continues the change over to the HDTV formats. Ikegami offers the HDK-725 is now available for sports production and studio use. It is full compatibility with HDK-725P, and also colorimetry can be easily matched for the combination with portable camera.
Incorporating a next-generation digital process ASIC
Using a full digital process ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), precision designed at 0.18um rule, the video signals are digitalized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal
digital processing (quantization).
DTL Correction
A detail correction system, including digitally processed horizontal, vertical and diagonal correction signal for red, green and blue video, is incorporated into the camera head, and obtains noise-free full
resolution HDTV picture quality even if the camera is used in stand-alone configuration.
Independent DTL
With Independent DTL system in the CCU, the type and amount of compensation can be
optimized for the different requirements of HDTV and SDTV.
Six-axis + Two-axis Color Corrector
Includes a color correction function that enables hue and
saturation to be adjusted for each of the six primary
colors (R, G, B, Cy, Y, Mg), plus another function to make
color correction of two user-selected colors of the
Enhanced Digital DTL
Improved sensuous expressions such as texture and
sheen, and richer reproduction of details in skin tone in
dark backgrounds.
Super KNEE
The Knee system makes corrections without changing
the hue of the highlighted parts and produces a more
natural highlight appearance, rather than washing it out.
Clear VF DTL function
This function makes a difference in the edging of the image
exclusively in the viewfinder, to make the precise point of
focus easier to find, and to make it easier for the
cameraperson to focus.
Wide-band DTL function
Wide-band edging gives the impression that fine parts of
subjects or high frequency images have a higher