Fujinon XA87x9.3BESM-S18 includes full servo controls and case – USED


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With an incredible 87x zoom range and superior optics, the XA87x brings unmatched clarity and resolution to your live broadcasts, tight shots, interviews, and more. Its advanced optical design utilizes the highest quality fluorite, UD glass, and aspheric elements to minimize distortion, ghosting, and chromatic aberrations. Even at the extreme ends of the generous 9.3mm-810mm focal range, images stay razor-sharp. These Fujinon XA87x9.3BESM-S18 have been supurbly maintained. Sleds are available to add to your custom quote.

  • Fujinon XA87x9.3BESM-S18
  • Full Servo Controls
  • Case
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Capture Your Vision with Absolute Clarity: Introducing the Fujinon XA87x9.3BESM-S18

At Allied Broadcast Group, we understand the relentless pursuit of perfection that drives video production professionals like you. You demand the sharpest, most pristine imagery to bring your creative visions to life. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the new Fujinon XA87x9.3BESM-S18 studio/field lens, delivering unparalleled optical performance and production capabilities.

The fast f/1.7 maximum aperture gives you the creative freedom to narrow depth of field for stunning, cinematic effects. Capture talent with softly defocused backgrounds or keep both foreground and background in crisp focus as you zoom from wide to tight shots. Low light sensitivity down to T2.8 means you can shoot confidently without noise or graininess, while the versatile 18mm wide angle is perfect for sweeping landscape vistas and cramped locations.

Designed for both box and shoulder-mounted operation, the compact XA87x weighs just 6.7kg for incredible maneuverability. The intuitive focus and zoom controls let you execute precise moves smoothly and consistently. The lens works seamlessly with native servo systems for integration into studio setups. The 112mm front diameter accepts standard matte boxes and filters for enhanced production capabilities.

At the heart of the XA87x is Fujinon’s unrivaled engineering pedigree honed over 50+ years of cinematography leadership. Proprietary technologies include:

  • Advanced Optical Stabilization: 5-axis hybrid system combines mechanical and electronic stabilization for rock-steady operation during fast pans, tilts, and zooms, even when shooting handheld.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Compatibility: Broad color gamut and high light transmission capture the full dynamic range with pristine color reproduction. Compatible with major HDR standards.
  • Anti-Fogging Design: Unique lens heating system prevents fogging and keeps optics clear, even in cold or humid shooting environments.
  • Digital Servo Drive Unit: For precise, repeatable control over zoom, focus, and aperture. Ideal for virtual studios, motion control systems, and more.
  • Natural Colored Transmission: Minimizes color shift throughout entire focal range for accurate color rendition.
  • Quick Zoom Through Function: Temporarily zooms out to locate and frame subjects quickly before zooming back to previous focal length.
  • Distance Encoder Output: Provides real-time distance data for virtual studio systems.
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing: Rugged, lightweight construction stands up to the demands of field operation.

No other studio/field lens offers this level of optical brilliance and production versatility in a portable form factor. For broadcast, sports, documentary, virtual studios, houses of worship, education, or any professional video need, the XA87x delivers the razor-sharp, color-accurate footage demanded by today’s productions.

Experience the clarity and creative freedom only Fujinon can provide. Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to discuss bringing the XA87x9.3BESM-S18 into your workflow. Our team of knowledgeable video production experts is happy to evaluate your specific needs and devise integrated solutions that maximize your investment.