Fujinon XA87x9.3B ESM HD Zoom Sports Broadcast Lens – USED


USED – Fujinon XA87x9.3 BESM HD Lens with Case and Semi Servo Controls

Does not have an image stabilizer

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By offering an unprecedented 87x magnification, the new XA87x high definition lenses are ideally suited for sports shooting where extreme closeups and high-image quality are critical.
The XA87x9.3 and XA87x13.2 are available with Fujinon’s new internal image stabilization technology. Distance is no object any more. Due to the excellent ramping characteristics, the
XA87x lenses deliver images of amazing crispness and brightness even at the telephoto end of the zoom range. The field HD lenses combine Fujinon’s most advanced optics, Inner focus mechanism, extremely quiet operation and modular construction.
Fujinon use more than two zoom groups to achieve the 87x zoom. The maximum zoom speed from wide to tele end is only 0.6 seconds but it is possible to choose the zoom characteristic and
the maximum zoom speed individually.
The new lens is only 23 mm longer than its predecessor HA66x9.5BESM. It weighs only 21.5 kg which is a great advantage for outside broadcasting operation.
The desiccant drying compartment eliminates fogging of the internal lens components due to humidity.
In addition a protective, field replaceable glass element (option) protects the front lens from damage. Since all Fujinon ENG, EFP and HD broadcast lenses are equipped with digital controls the XA87x offers all the advantages of DIGI POWER features like F number limit, QUICKZOOM, two shot presets, ADVANCED BACK FOCUS (MACRO).