Fujinon SS-15D Full-Servo Control Kit – USED


Precision at Your Fingertips: The Fujinon SS-15D Full-Servo Control Kit – Your secret weapon for professional focus and zoom control. Because in video production, every millimeter matters.

  • Fujinon SS-15D Full-Servo Control Kit
    • ERD-10A-D01M
    • EPD-31A-D02
    • Clamps
    • Cable x1
    • Case
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Enhance your video production workflow with the Fujinon SS-15D Full-Servo Control Kit. Designed specifically for professional videographers and cinematographers using Fujifilm’s Premier Series, Select Series, or Broadcast servo lenses, this kit offers precision control over your focus and zoom functions. The SS-15D is your key to unlocking the full potential of your Fujinon servo lens, providing the finesse and control you need to capture stunning visuals.

The kit includes the EPD-41A-D01/D02 focus position demand unit and the ERD-40A-D01 zoom rate demand unit. These units seamlessly integrate with your lens via 12-pin communication cables, ensuring responsive and accurate control. Mount these units on your camera handles using the included clamps for ergonomic operation, allowing you to maintain your focus on framing and storytelling while the Fujinon SS-15D handles the technical details.

Whether you’re shooting fast-paced action, delicate close-ups, or smooth zooms, the Fujinon SS-15D gives you the tools to elevate your video production. Trust in Fujifilm’s renowned quality and our commitment to providing you with the right gear for your unique projects.