Fujinon ESM-D51 – USED


Elevate your video production with the Fujinon ESM-D51. Achieve precise and reliable zoom functionality for your HDTV setup.

  • Fujinon ESM-D51


The Fujinon ESM-D51 is a  high-quality digital zoom servo module designed to enhance your HDTV ESM series lenses. As a leading provider of professional video equipment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ESM-D51 ensures unparalleled zoom accuracy, providing precise control over your shots in high-definition broadcasts. Every moment counts in the world of video production, and with this digital zoom servo module, you can trust that your footage will be captured with exceptional clarity and precision.

Seamless integration is key to a smooth and efficient workflow. That’s why the ESM-D51 seamlessly integrates with RS-232 based remote controllers, allowing for consistent and reliable zoom operations. Whether you’re capturing the excitement of a sports event or the energy of a live concert, this feature ensures that you have the control you need to achieve your vision.

Experience the power of precision and reliability with the Fujinon ESM-D51. Trust Allied Broadcast Group to deliver the cutting-edge solutions that help you elevate your video production to new heights.