Fujinon MS-11 Semi-Servo Controls – USED


The Fujinon MS-11 is an investment in efficiency and production value. By enhancing your ability to achieve precise focus and smooth zoom control, you elevate the overall quality of your broadcasts and ensure your viewers are captivated by every frame.

  • Fujinon MS-11 Semi Servo Control Kit
  • Clamps
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The Power of Semi-Servo: Manual Finesse Meets Motorized Precision

The MS-11 bridges the gap between manual and fully motorized lens control. This innovative system empowers you with the flexibility of both approaches. When a delicate touch is required, the intuitive manual controls offer exceptional precision. But when split-second focus adjustments or smooth zoom transitions are crucial, the servo-assist functionality seamlessly takes over, ensuring flawless results.

Engineered for Broadcast and ENG/EFP Excellence

Specifically designed for high-definition (HD) and broadcast ENG/EFP lenses, the MS-11 integrates effortlessly with your existing setup. Whether you’re shooting fast-paced sports, intricate studio productions, or capturing the energy of live events, the MS-11 empowers you to maintain razor-sharp focus and achieve flawless zoom control, even in demanding environments.

A Complete Kit for Seamless Integration

The Fujinon MS-11 takes the guesswork out of assembling a comprehensive zoom/focus control system. The kit includes everything you need for immediate operation:

  • Mounting clamps: Securely attach the system to your camera rig for a stable and reliable setup.
  • Cables: Ensure seamless communication between components for smooth operation.
  • Focus/zoom modules: These modules provide the core functionality for precise focus and zoom control.
  • Focus handle: Designed for ergonomic comfort and intuitive control during manual operation.
  • Zoom demand: Offers motorized zoom control for effortless adjustments.

Ready to Elevate Your Productions?

Contact Allied Broadcast Group today to discuss how the Fujinon MS-11 can empower your team to capture stunning visuals and achieve exceptional results. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs. We look forward to partnering with you on your next broadcast production!