Fujinon A36x10.5 BERD-S28 with Case, Controls, and Sled- USED

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  • Silver Case
  • EPD-1B
  • ERD-T22
  • Fujinon ALH-XB Sled



Super Telephoto Zoom Lens
Combines the familiar design of a standard ENG style lens and the focal length of a much larger box type lens. Offers AT2 and Inner Focus.

Aspheric Lens Technology
■ Conventional lenses use multiple spherical elements to control spherical and chromatic aberrations, glare and reflections. In AT-equipped lenses, a single aspheric element reduces these undesirable characteristics — and far better than multiple spherical lenses achieve.
■ Aspherical optics allow zoom lenses to be made with higher magnification, wider angles and shorter MOD.
■ One aspheric element replaces three spherical elements, reducing the number of elements by 20%, allowing production of smaller and lighter zoom lenses.
■ Aspherical lenses have reduced distortion at wide angles and have improved corner resolution that can be managed throughout the zoom range, rather than just optimized at specific points.

Shortest MOD
■ Using Fujinon’s patented aspheric technology with a new inner focusing system, they reduce the minimum object distance MOD of  each lens.
■ The inner focusing system also gives the added convenience of not having to readjust filters after focusing.

■ The most comfortable and versatile handgrip ever devised, the V-Grip keeps you in control, no matter what your shooting environment. The exclusive “V”-grip offers exceptional comfort by allowing the servo angle to be adjusted in five positions, from 3° to 17°. Balance any load, from lightweight camera/lens combinations to heavy camcorders.

Quick Zoom
■ Fujinon takes the guesswork out of returning precisely to your original framed shot. You focus and the exclusive Quick Zoom has the lens zoom back to the original frame in full focus, at the touch of a button.
■ Adjustable zoom speed control is selectable from 5 seconds to an incredible 1 second, wide-to-tele, right from the grip.

■ Each lens barrel has a special protein coating applied to it, giving you solid finger contact, even while wet. Incredibly, even the zoom rocker switch is designed to carry off water collected in a special well below the switch.
■ Lenses include a rectangular lens hood that provides a drastic reduction in flare.